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SWX Online Backup is a backup, encrypt and synchronization tool for Windows

SWX Online Backup is a free backup, encryption and synchronization tool for Windows from XP SP3.
It can store data simultaneously in up to 8 different backup targets and thereby encrypt and compress the data. Available for it are local disk, FTP server, the local network and data services in the "cloud" (WebDAV). You can also easily encrypt local folder and then copy these directories with other programs.

Already integrated Cloud's are:
Dropbox, CloudMe, Strato HiDrive, 1&1 SmartDrive, T-Online Mediencenter,,,,,,,, DriveonWeb und Foliocloud.
It is also possible to specify your own WebDAV server.

The program can backup all files. Also "locked". You can create a backup that is also the way, while you're working use.

Integrated version control:
If desired, you always have several backups on hand. How much you want to keep multiple versions of your file is limited only by the available memory backup.
You can enable them individually for each backup destination versioning. To save e.g. automatically get the latest versions in the cloud and keep different (older) versions on an attached USB hard drive.
Be alerted after completing a backup by email or SMS.

SWX Online Backup encrypts your data before they leave your computer.

So no intelligence has a chance to read your data.

Your data is encrypted before copying / uploading and compressed. We have integrated Rijndael (AES), DES, 3DES and RC2. Can be compressed using "zip".
The data can of course be decrypted and unzipped with SWX Online Backup.

So you can your backup from multiple vendors' secure safe ". It also works with the free offers of the provider.

The program makes 3 types of backups available:

"Backup at a certain time on certain days"
Very classic. In order to set up a backup, at a certain time that you on certain days you (in a week).

"Securing the data after a change"
In order for the files and folders are backed up by a change (almost immediately). SWX Online Backup monitors then have one or more folders (including subfolders) for 1 minute minimum and compares the state of the folder. If it detects a change in one or more file (s), file (s) is stored in the backup target or the corresponding file in the target deleted / renamed.

"Whenever you will connect a storage medium (eg USB stick) to your computer automatically made a backup of your data."
Whenever you connect a particular USB device to the computer, the predefined directories on the (stick) copied

System Requirements:
MS Windows XP - SP3
MS .Net 4

When you install all the required components are installed.

The Programm ist free. described this software as "completely round thing."

SWX Onlinebackup on the PC-World 08/2013 (on DVD), where it was called "Clever backup and synchronization utility."

It makes every 15 Minutes a publicity insert (in a browser window).
You have the option to donate an amount of your choice for the development of this program. For contributions from 15 euros there is a thank you a code that turns off the ads. This code can also be (additionally) used with our program SWX-Auftrag.

Optional when installing can a programm/link an advertising partner to be installed separately.

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